Nirvana Event Day

Inter Club Matches - From 12pm - 1.30pm

The entire field will be full of our individual teams, where they will face each other in friendly matches. This includes children from the age of six years old playing against seven year olds and nine year olds against 10 year olds etc. All the way up to our 18 year olds. 

Parents Vs Staff - From 2pm - 3pm

Our parents will play a friendly match against our Nirvana volunteers/ Staff. This has been an annual fixture full of mixed ability and fitness, which makes for an entertaining match. Each year, there is an internal build up of anticipation of who will come out on top, who will take home this years bragging rights. 

Team Presentations - From 4pm onwards

There will be team presentations. This is where players will be rewarded for their hard efforts and stand out performances. Teams from under 7's up to under 18's will receive trophies and medals. 


There will be a BBQ running throughout the day to replace the energy that will surely be used throughout the event. 

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