Are you aged 16 - 25? Get involved in a sport coaching and leadership programme

The Prince's Trust is happy to inform you that they are now recruiting for the Get Started with Football programme with the Prince’s Trust and are partnered with Leicester City Football Club.
This is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in a sport coaching and leadership programme, and they will also be able to take part in a wide variety of activities and have the opportunity to meet and be trained by LCFC staff whilst building valuable communication skills and improving on their confidence and teamwork. The young people will also gain a recognised FA JFL qualification.
After having completed the programme, all young people will be supported by experienced Prince’s Trust staff members for a period of around three months who combined with a progression mentor will help the young person access work, education, training or volunteer work. Alternatively, they may also be pointed in the direction of another Prince’s Trust programme or a further opportunity with LCFC.
The taster day will be on Tuesday 27th September and the programme will run from Monday 3rd October until Friday 7th October 2016.
The aim of the programme goes far beyond teaching young people new skills in Football. This group challenge is designed to stretch and develop all the young people’s personal and social skills. They will need to work together, communicate, build their confidence levels in order to give instructions and carry out tasks, manage their feelings, become dependable, and put their plans into action. It is a safe environment in which the young people will be able to acquire valuable skills for further progression.
To refer a young person or if you have any questions contact Nutan – 07717 488 5344 or 0116 255 0400