Important Information From Nirvana

For the second time in four years, youth from Nirvana Football Club had to witness adults become physically aggressive and assault 14 - 15-year-old boys at a game. The offense occurred at an Under 15's football game between Leicester Nirvana and Thurmaston Magpies FC on Sunday 26th February 2016 at Hamilton Park.

In 2014 an adult male was found guilty of stepping on the field of play and assaulting a minor from an under 14 Nirvana team. Two years later, on 26 February 2016, two adult males entered the football pitch and physically attacked minors. 

Any attack of an adult on a minor is a serious concern and Nirvana feel compelled to share their disappointment that this unlawful act has taken a back seat to the headlines of youth violence. 

After being attacked by two adult males from the Supporters of Thurmaston Magpies, the 14 -15 year old boys from Nirvana found themselves defending and coming to the defense of their team mates, which resulted in further melees. 

When adults spectators and family members become violent towards children and in front of children, the law must step in to protect the children. The fact that must not be forgotten is that these are children in the eyes of the law and that an adult(s) has physically and aggressively laid their hands on children with intent to harm. 

Nirvana understand the affects of violence in the game and do not condone youth on youth violence or any that is directed to officials. Nirvana is confident that any incident involving youths in football can be resolved by the laws of the game. It is only when adult spectators and parents are involved, when the dynamics change. 

The incidents originated when a Thurmaston player ran half the length of the field to confront a Nirvana player, which resulted in arguments and subsequently led to the adults attacking minors.  Nirvana are seriously concerned that the safeguarding of children in this case is being overlooked and that this must not become regular and accepted practice.

We would like parents to be assured that the club will make every effort to follow up the attack from an adult on children from the nirvana football club. We have notified the media of our concerns and portrayal of youth violence instead of attacks on children. However we can not control their narrative.