Nirvana Represent Leicester at National Event: A Call to Action, Discrimination in Sport

Nirvana delivered a presentation at the National seminar 'A Call to Action: Working in Partnership to Tackle Discrimination in Sport' held in London on Tuesday 10 March 2015 by Public Policy Exchange. Nirvana told the audience about their experience of combating and championing equality in football and discussed the positive achievements that the club has helped to shape at a National level.

The event saw attendance from Students, Professional Football Clubs, FA's, Lecturers and other interested parties. 

Nirvana's ethos is to use football as a vehicle to empower and provide opportunities for all young people, which is why Nirvana feel so strongly about the education and policy changes around discrimination in football.  

Discrimination in sports can take several forms through racism, sexism, homophobia, disability and mental health.  Each year, people involved in sporting activities, either as spectators or participants, witness or experience discriminatory incidents. Although there has been significant progress towards eradicating discrimination from sports during the last two decades, a lot of work still has to be done to eliminate any kind of prejudice-based abuse in the UK.